Nail fungus removal

Nail fungus removal

The Q-switched ND: Yag laser emits short period, high energy impulses that destroys fungus disease of the nails. The laser light is absorbed exclusively in the pigments of the fungus disease and not affects the surrounding area.


laser treatment8 000 Ft / session / feet

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of preparation is necessary before the treatment?

Before starting the treatment a medical diagnosis is necessary. As an additional preparation it is advisable to visit a chiropodist who thins the nails for a more effective treatment.

After the treatment it is advisable to change your socks in order to avoid a returning infection.

It is also advisable to wash socks and stockings on 60 degrees and to sterilize shoes to avoid returning infection.

In order to prevent the return of the infertion It is very important to treat all the 5 nails or the nails on both legs (10 nails).

How many sessions are necessary?

Treatments are needed in every week. 6-8 treatments are necessary for total healing.

Is the treatment painful?

Patients feel warmth during the treatment. The fast temperature rising could cause mild unpleasant feeling which stops in a few minutes after the treatment.

How fast the healing is visible?

The toenail changes about 6-9 months because of the natural growth. The new healthy nail becomes visible in 3 months as the new nail replaces the old one.